You will Not Ruin This Group Picture

As the title says there are dozens of times during a shoot where it seems that people just want you to take a bad picture.  It’s never the subject of the picture but the two main offenders are iPhones and people with very short attention spans.

iPhone pictures are just a apart of life now and a really good one I think.  Love them.  Seriously.  But the second offenders of people in group shots are people who can’t focus for the 2 minutes it take to get the shot.  This can be a challenge.

But hey,  I get it.  You’re at an event with loved ones celebrating and the last thing you want to do is let me interfere with your flow.  I can’t blame you and I won’t.  So I work around it and accept it.

My work around is to allot time in post to fix the group shots.  I’m old enough to try to get everything right in the camera but this is one type of shot that good images straight from the camera are a crap shot.

So this is what I do.  I put my camera on 6 frames a second mode and shoot out as many pictures I can while I have a glimmer of attention from the group.  Basically it’s the old “spray and pray” method of photography.  It rarely works 100% but I often get enough to work with in post.  Then I composite a picture in photoshop to get a clean image that the client will love.

Here’s an example: Notice how 3 people around the brides that have forgotten there is a camera four feet away from them?

I really liked this picture of the Brides so I didn’t sweat the distracted members of the party because I had already allot time in post later to fix it.

After a few minutes of photoshop where I pulled a better face and cloned out the other two people and the picture below is what I delivered to the clients.  If I really peek at the pixels I still see some adjustments I would make but this will work with the amount of time I allotted.  It would be easy (at least for me) to get obsessed in Photoshop with an image but I do place time limits on each picture.  It’s an economic kind of decision for events.

So the clients was happy, I’m happy and the wedding party didn’t have to hear a frustrated photographer ruining their buzz.  Wins all around!




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